Access: Stairs and Pathways

Throughout our neighbourhood, there are walking paths and laneways which provide us access to quiet, natural spaces, with a unique view of our surroundings. A door through a long fence provides an entrance between a laneway and parking lot, allowing people freedom of movement from one space to another.

The Hundred Steps (actually 106), located at the end of Huron and Elizabeth Streets., creates a bridge between two neighbourhoods. They are an excellent way to help people get exercise, with an interesting view of the neighbourhood’s present and past.

These steps allow for quick access to amenities, but can be viewed as a barrier for those with mobility restrictions. They can also be a bitter reminder of the loss of our local public school, which will soon be located in the neighbourhood beyond the steps.

Photo of a fence with bushy grass at the bottomPhoto of 100 steps with trees on either sidePhoto of 100 steps looking downClose up photo of a fencePhoto of 100 steps from a side angle focusing on the hand rail

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